Health And Vaping: Friends Of Foes?

Vaping is quite a popular hobby nowadays. People all over the world are familiar with this kind of entertainment. The official data gathered within the United States and Europe show that the habit has skyrocketed for the last five years. The amount of people vaping grows daily.

Asia does not fail to keep up with the established pace. Though many Asian countries have officially banned vaping, online shops’ data claim that people continue buying vaping products the same way they do on other continents. Evidently, people who vape in Asia do it illegally.

This questions the quality of a vape pen that is sold over there. If the law does not regulate production, distribution, and sales, no one can complain about its quality. This makes the illegal market dangerous not only because you might get fined or imprisoned, but also because you can get poisoned or damaged.

For each of us, health is one of life’s highest priorities. Even the smallest health problems can completely change your plans. When our health deteriorates even slightly (cold, high blood pressure, SARS), we are always worried. Obviously, we suffer psychologically when we have significant health problems, such as diabetes, heart failure, and hearing loss.

We may even panic. So, by taking care of our diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding the risks of catching the disease, we take care not only of our physical health but also of our mental health. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle also means getting rid of bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or other harmful illicit substances. In fact, vaping has been considered a useful alternative to smoking for a long time. As for today, many modern studies convince us otherwise.

Vaping vs Smoking

Many consider it a myth because the main difference between the best vape pens and a cigarette is the way nicotine is converted from a solid or liquid state to a gaseous one. What does it mean? While regular cigs consumption, you burn tobacco, you emit smoke, inhaling which you consume nicotine. When you use the best vape pen for e-liquid, the liquid nicotine evaporates and turns into vapor.

In fact, that is only the change of methods of obtaining a harmful substance into your body. However, both vaping and smoking involve the consumption of this harmful substance. Although this is a well-known fact, it should be mentioned that nicotine is a narcotic substance. Therefore, any use of it is a potential threat of addiction. Even occasional cig consumption can be the first step to addiction.

However, there are some positive changes. For instance, while vape pens develop, they managed to avoid such a threat of smoking as harmful tars, which are released during burning. However, this does not mean that all issues of harm are resolved. For example, Vapour can irritate the airways, especially if a person uses a powerful vape pen with the ability to increase voltage, wattage, and amperage.

The Ways Vaping Can Help to Deal with Smoking

Quitting smoking is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Some people believe that vaping is less toxic than smoking. However, recent high-profile scandals involving research on e liquids prove the possible dangers and toxicity of these substances. Unfortunately, not all the liquids available on the market are certified and meet international quality standards.

However, some people still argue that using the best vape pens can significantly help if you want to quit smoking. However, before talking about the direct physiological benefits, it should be noted that vaping as an alternative to smoking alleviates the development of psychological crises that can occur when a smoker decides to quit.

Firstly, smoking always involves the process of socialization. Many mass literature and life situations indicate that people who smoke are more likely to meet others, have a wider range of social connections, and so on. With smoking, the usual break at work turns from lunch in the kitchen of the office on your own into a lively discussion of the latest news in the smoking room.

The transition to vaping allows you to maintain the possibility of such communication with others, not to feel the loss of part of your social world, and to find new friends and acquaintances both in real life and in special social networks vapers. The only problem that remains is that even after switching to vape pens, you might still be exposed to cigarette smoke.

Secondly, one can regulate the amount of nicotine intake by means of a vape pen and special mobile application, which is definitely the benefit for those eager to give up. Choosing e liquids with a lesser amount of nicotine can help avoid problems with withdrawals and break your way to smokeless life. Step by step, one should consider all the habits connected with smoking and eliminate them.

Another point for vapes is that one can use nicotine-free vape pens during the transition period. This would allow you to minimize the number of vaping sessions per day and to stop thinking you need to have something vaping or smoking in your mouth. This will also help other people get used to you as a person who does not consume cigarettes.

Hazards of Vaping

Though the evident facts in favor of vaping, we need to remember that vape pens are neither safe nor healthy. High temperatures used in modern devices irritate the airways; toxins in e liquids might cause some serious illnesses, including cancer; misuse of the battery can lead to the explosion of the device and, consequently, damage to a vaper.

As for health issues, vaping can badly affect not only your respiratory system but also the other organs. Primarily, heavy metals and some toxic elements are getting stored in your body. Secondly, cardiovascular, reproductive, muscular, immune, and nervous systems negatively react to nicotine. Integumentary and digestive systems can also react badly because of the flavorings in the liquids.

Having considered all the facts above and scientific reviews on vaping, we can conclude that vaping is extremely hazardous to our health, even though it has some clear advantages, especially compared to the usual cigarettes. The advantages of e-cigs are their low spending for maintenance, lack of toxic tars, and portability. The disadvantages include a wide spectrum of possible diseases.