Heavenly New White Wines Released By Bouchard Finlayson

In the hidden Hemel-en-Aarde Valley at the Southern tip of Africa lies Bouchard Finlayson, a winery that combines the best of the old ways and classic French winemaking techniques, with the creativity and innovation of the new world. A family-owned boutique vineyard where Heaven meets Earth, inspired by genuine passion and shaped by a global family. Nurtured by a dedicated team who handcrafts wines to perfection, constantly in pursuit of excellence, Bouchard Finlayson is an estate synonymous with world-class premium international wines.

Bouchard Finlayson has released the latest vintages of three of its most popular white wines.  Showstopper Bouchard Finlayson Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2017 has its origins in numerous vineyard parcels, picked at various stages of ripening, to contribute to a sleek and complex wine that is destined to become a collector’s vintage. An undercurrent of spice and flint notes add complexity to the fruit bowl of flavours, including fig, lemon zest and passion fruit, all integrating on a long finish to pair beautifully with fish dishes, crustaceans, sushi, vegetarian cuisine and cheese. (R174 per bottle)

The unique Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer 2018 is widely celebrated as a wine for all seasons. Bouchard Finlayson founder and creator of the Blanc de Mer label, Peter Finlayson is quoted as saying: ‘Standing at the front of the winery one enjoys a classic view of the southern oceans, prompting the title ‘White of the Sea’ (Blanc de Mer). The palate is perfect and positively gregarious! A genuine people pleaser totally at home amongst relaxed company’. At 65% of the content in the 2018 vintage, the Riesling grape offers a solid frame to this unique white blend. This noble white wine variety is an unusual contribution to a Cape white blend, to establish a singular personality to the wine. A 16% Viognier and 18% Chardonnay component further enhances its exclusivity profile, resulting in a fountain of flowery aromas with a taste characterised by hints of quince, apricots and almonds – fresh and vibrant with a convincing strength and quality finish. (R110 per bottle)

Lauded year on year as part of its stellar range of Chardonnays, Bouchard Finlayson’s Crocodiles Lair/Kaaimansgat 2017 is a wine to be treated seriously and sipped slowly. The 2018 vintage is a great companion to white meat and rich seafood such as lobster bisque, as well as soft cheese and mushroom risotto.  Structured with many layered flavour components arising from combinations of best French Oak, yeast, lees contact and finest fruit, it rewards the palate with a kaleidoscope of tastes. Hints of litchi, white peach, kiwi fruit, strawberry smoothie and golden tangerine combine to generate a memorable taste experience. (R174 per bottle)

The new releases are now available for sale at the cellar door and leading wine merchants.