Helen Zille VS JZ – the ultimate drink-off

Election day is upon us and in true over-sensationalism BS we bring you the Helen Zille versus JZ drink-off. Winetimes googled the two leading political party leaders for anything wine related to see who will come out on top, at the ultimate drink-off.

So without any further ado, lets have a look at the contenders:

In the left corner, in blue and white,  the leader of the Democratic Alliance – Helen … Maree …. Zilleeeeee

In an interview with Wine Mag she complained that wine gave her headaches, she “listened” to wine in her earlier years and had about a 15 bottle wine collection.   Impressive!

And in the right corner, in yellow, green and black, we have the President of the Republic of South Africa – Jacob …. Gedleyihlekisa … Zzzzumaaaaaaa

Jacob started his reign as President with a bang when he ordered top notch champers, Dom Perignon, for this presidential inauguration. At R1500 a bottle the man surely knows quality does not come cheap. Total Bill: R75 000 000. Jacob also drop R400 000 large on a birthday party for his little daughter Duduzile. The bash was filled with French champagne and expensive imported Cognac. April this year Dudu got married and spend a further R3 mil on the party of a lifetime.

And now that we’ve introduced the contenders, we ask:

Which party do you choose, for the ultimate drink-off?