Hendrick’s Lunar – The Gin That Comes Around Only Once In A Blue Moon

A gin that was once notoriously rare, is now available globally! Lunar Gin is a once in a blue moon release from Master Distiller Ms Lesley Gracie’s eccentric Cabinet of Curiosities at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace.

Under the spell of the moon

This limited release gin was dreamt up beneath the celestial light of the moon. Retaining the distinctive Hendrick’s shape, the deep blue Lunar bottle reflects the night sky. Leslie Gracie was inspired by Ayrshire coast of Scotland and her botanical garden at night when she designed the recipe for Hendrick’s Lunar.

Master Distiller at Hendrick’s – Ms Lesley Gracie

This most peculiar and unusual gin showcases the rich aroma of night scented flowers. Silene vulgaris blooms at night and its moth-attracting blossoms are described as “spicy” and “clove” like. Other plants like honeysuckle and jasmine tend to become more fragrant as the day passes to night.

Despite the preponderance of floral notes one can pick out while sipping, it is not a one flavor gin. The spice is surprisingly present throughout and it lends balance. The juniper is present on the nose and palate. While not dominant, it’s never out of sight.

As with many of Hendrick’s Gin offerings, Lunar Gin is an amiable mixer. A Martini with a twist of lemon really elevates the subtle citrus character in the gin. 

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin will be available in leading bottle stores in South Africa from September at a RRP of R499,95 for 750ml.