The Best Ways to Preserve Wines and Beer to Increase Shelf Life

Whether you want an ice-cold Bud or the most local microbrew that nobody has ever heard of, it’s possible that you can get the perfect brew for your mood. But what will you do when it comes to storing your wine and beer for a long time. The guidelines below illustrate the best way to preserve wine and beer to increase shelf life.

Consider Using a Sparkling Wine Stopper

If you intend to keep your wine and beer shop Melbourne fresh, consider using Champagne stopper. They are easily accessible and can keep your bubbles going for more than five days. Traditional method sparkling wines like Champagne and Cava will last longer than tank method wines. Never put a teaspoon in the neck of your bottle because it is proven to be ineffective.

Maintain Constant Storage Temperature

Wine’s preservation temperature ranges between 15º and 20º C. It should be maintained as steady as possible since varying temperature like an excessively high temperature might dry out and let oxygen to pass through. If your wine has spoiled, there is a test you can perform checking if the closure has an edge-to-edge stain. If that is the case, there is a strong likelihood your wine has spoiled.

Use Smaller Bottle

In situations where it is expensive to access the wine preservation system, you could decant your left-over wines into smaller bottles and keep them in the fridge. With smaller containers, there’s less room for air, therefore, less exposure to oxygen. On the other hand, you can alternatively buy your wine in smaller sizes. However, half bottles are not frequently available in supermarkets; you can easily buy them online.

Store At Optimum Humid Level

For longer shelf life, wine should be stored at an ideal humidity for around 80%. If wine is exposed to too much moisture, the molds may develop at the stopper. Conversely, on the other hand, if humidity is scant, a similar problem to that associated with the excessive heat may develop like allowing air to pass through the cork resulting in oxidizing of the wine. Another aspect of putting in mind is the wine’s storage position. It should be placed in a horizontal position, for the wine to be in constant contact with the cork, hence keeping it humid and prevent it from losing elasticity.

Keep Your Wine In The Fridge

Wines are usually best enjoyed chilled; therefore, putting opened white wines in the refrigerator can feel instinctive. Alternatively, when it comes to red wine, its characteristics are better expressed in warmer temperatures. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to store the opened red wine in the fridge. Cooler temperatures in the refrigerator slow down chemical processes such as oxidation. White wine in the refrigerator can stay relatively fresh for up to four days. Some light-bodied reds can be enjoyable while served slightly chilled.

Choose A Storage Place Free Of Strong Odors

It might seem too many that odors have nothing to do with wines and beer, but the reality is that they have an influence. Therefore, after acquiring your preferred wine and beer shop Melbourneand you want to preserve excess wine in good condition, choose a place free of intense odors. Strong odors might pervade the bottle, especially; the cork and this would transfer the smell to the wine and spoil it.