Hey, hipster – these wines are for you!

The word “hipster” paired with “wine” is not exactly commonplace here in Cape Town. Most tuque-wearing young urbanites living the counter-culture dream are drinking beer these days. Some prefer the blue-collar authenticity of Darling Brew while others seek out the rare and highly-in-demand “micro” brews by one of the new local crafters like Cederbrew or Apollo.

One thing is for sure, hipsters are extremely sophisticated when it comes to their drinks, whether it be enjoying a sugarless Americano at TRUTH or a crafted gin cocktail at Mother’s Ruins. Unfortunately very few hipsters are developing this same intrigue with wine. The wine selection at most of the popular dive bars and restaurant are at best an afterthought. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before the thirsty Cape Town hipsters get over what everyone else is doing and take an interest in the grape.

So how do you identify a hipster wine? Firstly, it’s should be hard to find. If you can get it at local supermarket or convenience store, it ain’t hipster. Secondly, the wine might have certain characteristics that make it difficult for the untrained palate to tell whether it is even wine at all!

Here are a few wines you might seek out for a solid introduction to the hipster wine. Where to find them? Go to the smaller hipster-friendly wine shops, such as Vino Pronto on Orange Street, Wine Concepts, City Cellar, or pay a visit to the folks over at the Wine Cellar in Observatory. Or best yet, get it straight from the winemaker.

Bermas Shiraz

bermas e1436278707921 Hey, hipster   these wines are for you!

The house wine at The Village Idiot. Enough said.

Expect to pay: R120 at the restaurant.

Thorne & Daughters, Rocking Horse Cape White 2014

thorne e1436279852445 Hey, hipster   these wines are for you!

A blend of Chenin Blanc, Roussanne, Semillon, Chardonnay and Viognier sourced from various old vineyard parcels, including the Swartland.

Expect to pay: R190

Cape Rock Asylum 2013

Cape Rock Wine Asylum 2013 and Amnesty 2013 e1436280329394 Hey, hipster   these wines are for you!

Nothing screams hipster like a wine from the West Coast. The winemaker’s aim was to explore our idea of what white wine making was and what it should be today.

Expect to pay: R100

Doringbay Sauvignon Blanc 2014 

doringbaai e1436280830590 Hey, hipster   these wines are for you!

Produced by Fryer’s Cove – also known as the hippest place to enjoy a wine tasting at in South Africa.

Expect to pay: R70

Silvervis Chenin Blanc 2014

silvervis e1436281350683 Hey, hipster   these wines are for you!

Born at the inaugural Swartland Revolution the Silwervis range of wines are made to honestly and simply reflect the nature of the soils on which they are grown.

Expect to pay: R255 – Extremely limited! Get it from The Wine Kollective or De Companje.