Hipsters are being targeted by a French Chardonnay

French wine brand William Fèvre has produced a glow-in-the-dark bottle of chablis (chardonnay) hoping to target younger “hipsters” and clubbers.

The Drinks Business reports that the limited edition William Fèvre Hipster Chablis 2013 features ultraviolet graffiti-style design and that the bottle features QR code linked to a 360° animation and a level indicator allowing clubbers to monitor how much of the wine they’ve drunk.

And while the wine is available from New Zealand retailers for about NZ$35, Australian hipsters are left twirling their moustaches, with Business Insider was unable to find it locally, despite the fact that William Fèvre chardonnays are sold in major retailers here.

Perhaps it has something to do with Geelong winemaker Anthony Brain’s red, The Blood of Hipsters, a cheeky little drop made from the Spanish grape tempranillo under his Livewire wine label.

Brain told Business Insider he was inspired by Spains “joven” (young) style wines when he discovered one of his Heathcote grape growers had a couple of rows of tempranillo.

“I wanted to make a fresh, juicy wine – one that’s fun, smashable and drinkable,” he said. “One those fresh unwooded styles – a cool funky bar wine for 25 to 40 year olds.”

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