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Culture is an essential part of the lives of South Africans.  As we exist in modern society, it’s equally important to continuously have conversations on culture to understand the real significance behind our cultural traditions and perceived misconceptions that may arise from certain practices.

Viceroy Premium Brandy believes that looking to the past is essential for understanding our roots and shaping the characters of the generations to follow. The popular Brandy brand has therefore created a platform called Vul’umlomo: Conversations on Culture. Mr. Robert Marawa, renowned host of the series says: “It’s become increasingly important to preserve the essence of who we are as African people. A lot of our culture and its representation has been left open to interpretation from alternative sources. Being part of Vul’Umlomo enables a dialogue that reinforces the importance of our roots and shows how dynamic our culture is.”

What does ‘Vul’umlomo’ mean?

‘Vul’umlomo’ directly translates to ‘open the mouth’. The online chat show encourages communities to have open discussions. Through its multi-directional and conversational approach, South Africans can air their views and share their experiences.

“Our first conversation sparked a lot of interest and drove our community to speak openly on their perspectives around cultural norms. Our panellists drove the narrative, which helped the people better understand the culture and fostered an environment where differences were accepted and identified”, says Richard Papo, marketing manager for Viceroy.

In other sessions, the panel unpack the implications of finances within culture and some associated practices such as lobola, ‘black tax’ and spirituality.

Alongside Mr. Marawa, joining us again are esteemed cultural experts Mr Mbuso Khoza and Dr Bishop Jessica Mbangeni and with refreshed perspectives, decorated scholars of culture, modernist Ms Thabile Noxolo Buthelezi and traditionalist and spiritual advisor Mr Siyabonga Mkhize.

Where to watch #Vulumlomo

Go to Viceroy’s YouTube channel to watch the entire series and join the conversation by posting questions and comments on either Twitter @Viceroy_SA, Instagram @Viceroy.sa or Facebook @ViceroySouthAfrica with the hashtag #Vulumlomo.

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The Viceroy: #Vulumlomo Conversations on Culture panel is back & talking about the impact money has on our culture in the modern-day. Watch the full conversation now and share your thoughts on money and how it impacts your culture and life as a South African citizen.

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