Hot Cannabis-Infused Cocktails For Cold And Rainy Days

Frozen margaritas and Aperol Spritz have their place during the warmer months, but as the cold front sets in, one of the best wintertime comforts is snuggling up with your kitty in a cat onesie on the couch and wrapping your hands around a piping hot drink laced with liquor.

These spiked and wintery cocktails promise to heat things up when it is cold and rainy outside.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

For some, this cocktail may come across as bizarre and pretty gross, but many have praised this hot combo, calling it absolutely delicious. Add some extra spice to your mug with this cannabis-infused chocolate sauce recipe for stoners.

Espresso Martini

When it looks like a wet and cold London day, look no further than this ‘wake her up, then fuck her up’ cocktail, created by a barman at Fred’s Club in Soho. Some might suggest that the Espresso Martini is bad for you. We suggest you ignore any negativity this winter and shape up another one. Effortlessly infuse it with Cannabis Tincture.

Hot Buttered Rum 

Rum is typically a summer spirit, but it has the ability to make a boozy stirred drink to sip on in front of a roaring fire. Traditionally, Hot Buttered Rum is made with brown sugar, butter, rum, and spices like allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. For a real treat, try this dope recipe from Stoned Citizen, which infuses the hot buttered rum cocktail with cannabis. The perfect combo for a chillaxed night in.