Hotel Hell: Gordon Ramsay Gets a Fourth Show on Fox

The wrinkly, shouty Kmart peddler Gordon Ramsay got himself another show on the Fox network. Which is what we all needed. It will be called Hotel Hell (working title). According to, Ramsay will “partner with a team of hospitality experts, traveling across the country to try and fix every aspect of struggling hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts.”

But wait: Does Ramsay have any experience running hotels since he does not actually own or run any? AU CONTRAIRE MON FRERE. For you see, will stick to the script and tell you that “Ramsay has hotel experience, having studied hotel management as a young man, and having worked and owned hotel-based restaurants throughout his career.” Just because you went to film school and go to the movies a lot, that does not make you a director.

Anyway, Hotel Hell smells a lot like the wildly popular UK series The Hotel Inspector that dates back to 2005. There will likely be an excessive use of black lights exposing bodily fluid stains. Also: Bad Coffee.

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