Hotel workers find wine cellar full of vintage booze worth over $33K

Grape expectations: The secret stash of spirits, champagnes and wines date back a century, collected by the owner of Evesham Hotel during his travels across four decades.

Some of the bottles will be sold at auction to fund upkeep of the 500-year-old hotel in Worcestershire.

Staff members at a U.K. hotel were stunned when they discovered a secret wine cellar full of incredibly rare champagnes, wines and spirits worth more than $33,500.

The rare vintages were found at Evesham Hotel in Worcestershire, with bottles older than 100 years stunning wine connoisseurs worldwide.

Hotel manager David Field stumbled across the hidden plonk shortly after starting to work there six months ago — and was stunned to learn how much the secret stash was worth.

It is hoped that an online auction of just 100 bottles from the collection will raise thousands for upkeep of the 500-year-old building.

The unique collection of tipples was amassed by hotel owner John Jenkinson on his travels around the world.