How Elvis Presley Did Breakfast

Nancy Rooks was a maid and cook at Graceland for the Presley family, and has published at least two books on the recipes that they liked best. According to Rooks, Elvis would eat breakfast around 5:00 p.m. She would take diced honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon up to his bedroom during the day, since he took a lot of meals in bed.

Mary Jenkins Langston, another longtime cook for Elvis, served up indulgent meals for up to 14 years and even stayed on 12 years after Elvis died to cook for the family. In a 2000 obituary in the New York Times, Jenkins gave a less healthful picture of the King’s morning meal: “For breakfast, he’d have homemade biscuits fried in butter, sausagepatties, four scrambled eggs and sometimes fried bacon. I’d bring the tray up to his room, he’d say, ‘This is good, Mary.’ He’d have butter running down his arms.”