How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh?

Let’s be honest. Do you really know someone who DOESN’T drink coffee? More and more people want not only to buy a cappuccino to-go but also to drink tasty coffee at home and learn how to store it properly. Let’s take a look at the two main types of coffee used for drinking, how long you can store coffee beans, and whether it is worth it to buy ground coffee.

Arabica Vs. Robusta

Single-origin Arabica coffee is more high-quality and, thus, expensive than blends with Robusta available in any supermarket. However, the taste and flavors of the single-origin or specialty coffee are worth the price.

Robusta is cheaper, bitter, and contains more caffeine, while Arabica is rich in flavors and taste. Thus, manufacturers usually retail Robusta as already pre-ground coffee because it is dark roasted and can’t boast of different flavors.

Such coffee can be stored for months in a dark, dry, and clean place in an airtight container. However, in most homes, you will find coffee left in an open bag or at least with a clip on it.

Regarding Arabica, the shelf life of coffee beans is much shorter. When it comes to grounded coffee, Arabica stays fresh for up to a week if stored properly and loses its flavor characteristics day by day. Let’s take a look at the methods that will help you to keep coffee flavors for an extended period.

Storing Ground Coffee and Whole Coffee Beans

When choosing between pre-ground and whole beans, it is better to buy the latter. Whole beans can be stored for extended periods compared to ground coffee.

The thing is, once you grind your coffee beans, the coffee starts to oxidize very fast and can lose most of its qualities within a day. This happens because the coffee surface gets more exposed to oxygen. Thus, the reaction with air happens much faster than with whole beans.

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