How MacGyver would turn a Mini-Fridge into a Wine Refrigerator

What can you learn from the greatest problem solver in history? First of all, even the most difficult problem can be solved with a bit MacGyver ingenuity. That’s right, if MacGyver can foil world domination with a tooth pick and a rubber band, you can do just about anything.

Inspired by a syndicated MacGyver episode, this post explains how to convert your Mini-Fridge into a fully functional Wine Refrigerator. Specialty Wine Refrigerators are very expensive; they can set you back anywhere from few hundred, to a few thousand dollars. Why waste your money when you can convert your mini-fridge into a perfectly functioning make shift wine refrigerator.

Problem: Raising the Mini-Fridge temperature from 42 degrees F (too cold) to 55 degrees F (proper wine storage temp).

  • At the lowest setting of my Mini-Fridge’s thermostat, the temperature was about 42 degrees F; which will ruin a bottle of wine if left for too long.

Solution: Override the Mini-Fridge’s thermostat to raise the temperature by using an appliance timer and a thermometer.

  • By using an appliance timer and a thermometer, you can create your own cycle of power to the Mini-Fridge; raising the temperature to the proper level for wine storage.

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