How Much Water You Should Actually Drink

Is eight glasses of day what you should be drinking?

Hydration is important for regulating hunger, boosting metabolism, and maintaining a healthy immune system. Relying on your thirst is not the best way to determine whether or not you’re dehydrated, but having a water bottle by your side drinking consistently throughout the day could be the key to mindless drinking and ultimate hydration.

“We’ve heard to drink eight cups of water a day, a gallon, and sometimes more,” said Andrea Cox, nutritionist for “After getting mixed messages about how much water to drink, we’ve learned that that, in truth, how much water you need depends on many factors. Your age, activity factor, health, and sex all determine how much fluid you need.” Across the board, the exact water recommendations vary but The Daily Meal spoke with 10 nutritionists about how much water to drink and other important things to keep in mind for staying hydrated.