How Saturday Brunches  Became A Cultural Phenomenon In South Africa

“THEEEE” highly anticipated Brutal Fruit Spritzer Saturday Brunches returned this year, showcasing even bigger and more memorable moments. Set against the backdrop of Cape Town’s scenic beauty, the series kicked off at the luxurious  Cabo Beach Club on April 13th. It was an epic triumph, with tickets flying off the shelves within a mere 48 hours of their release!

The culture of Saturday brunches has seen a significant surge in popularity in  South Africa over the past 5-6 years. With a growing desire among South African women to transform brunch into a cultural experience, the day has evolved into a cherished ritual filled with deliberate fashion choices, venue selections, and meaningful conversations. Saturday brunch has become a real cultural day in women’s calendars, infused with their unique sense of style and sophistication. 

Building upon the success of previous events, this year’s lineup delivered an extravaganza for the books. Attendees enjoyed performances from renowned artists such as Miss LL (Afro beats and Hip Hop), Sigwabs (House), Fort Noks (Hip  Hop), Babalwa M, Fizz and Shai (House), Ayanda MVP, Mr Thela, and the stylish  MC, Pamela Mtanga.

Fashion took centre stage as attendees dazzled and wowed with their unique styles, taking inspiration from the glamorous MC Pamela Mtanga. Social media was flooded with stunning looks and memorable moments, as attendees shared their experiences and highlights from the event series. This year’s Brutal Fruit  Spritzer Saturday Brunches delivered an unforgettable celebration of life, music,  and style. Attendees were treated to a sensational event series that showcased the best of South African culture and creativity. The fashion-forward guests in  Cape Town were right on the mark, with sightings including the likes of …………,  and more! 

As the sun sets on another spectacular summer, Brutal Fruit Spritzer looks forward to closing off the season with a final flourish in Johannesburg at Idlewild Country  Estate.