How To Add CBD Oil To Your Simple Home Recipes

CBD has really taken over the food world by storm, fueled by consumer interest in the reported health benefits of the chemical. CBD is actually an extract from the hemp plant of the Cannabis Sativa family, so it’s really about taking that plant-based theme and mixing it with your own culinary expertise.

Get ready now to explore ways to implement CBD oil into simple food recipes at home that reportedly do well mixed with it. On that note, linked here are some trusted CBD oil products you can use for your next recipe.

Beverages With CBD

  • CBD Cocktails – This category is really what you might be interested in the most, especially if you like to host parties with friends and family. One type of cocktail you can try out is margaritas – you just need to mix some drops of CBD oil in them, prior to serving to your guests.
  • CBD Smoothies – A good example of in-demand smoothies are protein shakes. This type of smoothie is great for bodybuilders and weekend warriors alike. You only need to blend the protein powder (or other similar ingredients) with some ice in a food processor. Then, add the CBD oil drops in it and just drink your smoothie at your leisure.
  • CBD Coffee – Some may raise an eyebrow at putting CBD oil into their coffee. After all, isn’t coffee supposed to make you more revved up in the morning? But there are really some people who are inclined to drink their CBD coffee before they rush out the door to their appointment. Apparently, they don’t see any problems with that.
  • CBD Tea – If you are not really into all of the previously mentioned beverages, do try to have some CBD tea instead. You can brew some nice chamomile tea, for example, and mix in a few drops of your CBD oil. This could be what really appeals to your taste buds.

Baked Goods With CBD

  • CBD Cookies – If you like having a snack once in a while, you may find CBD cookies to be just the thing the doctor ordered. Unlike beverages which are relatively convenient to make, baked goods such as cookies may take some time to prepare. You also need a functioning oven to be able to bake anything. But this may be the right challenge you are looking for in the kitchen. The good part about CBD cookies is that CBD tends to be compatible with the fat content because CBD is fat-soluble. This means you will absorb the CBD more readily. You should just drizzle the CBD over the cookies after the baking since cooking at high temperatures can make the CBD content evaporate.
  • CBD Brownies – Just like the cookies, brownies have a high-fat content so it may allow you to better absorb the CBD in them. It is also suitable for those who are looking for a chocolate taste treat. You may want to compute for the appropriate number of CBD drops to add after the brownies have been baked, again because you don’t want the high baking temperature to ruin one batch of brownies that all have CBD.
  • CBD Cakes – Cakes are wonderful creations that may make your day more relaxing and pleasant if they have CBD in them. But since cakes are baked, you can preserve the efficacy of your CBD oil if you add it to the icing while the cake is still in the oven. The fat content of the icing will lend itself well to the fat-soluble character of your CBD oil too.

CBD Main Meals

  • CBD Salads – The key to a great salad is to have the freshest of ingredients. The CBD lends itself well to salads since CBD oil has to be added after the lettuce and other ingredients have been cut and mixed together in the salad bowl. If you are not certain about the dressing recipe, the good news is that you may now find salad dressings in the market that contain some CBD.
  • CBD-Infused Olive Oil – This product will help you prepare many dishes such as pasta that require a healthy dose of olive oil to make the taste “pop”. You can also use this kind of CBD product in other dishes such as steaks. Note: It is best to add this olive oil to your dish as the last step in cooking, since high heat may make the CBD content evaporate instead.

Final Takeaway

If you like to cook and prepare your own meals and beverages, this makes it easier to control your CBD oil consumption. You can even make desserts that you can put CBD oil in too. CBD can be a tad expensive though so it is best to ration your CBD oil dosage for the day. You can also keep monitoring your CBD usage through a journal that you are devoting solely to CBD oil usage. This will help you assess how much CBD oil should go into a drink, dessert, or main meal for the best results.