How to Brew a Cup of Coffee No Matter Where You Are

James Freeman, coffee drinker extraordinaire and founder of the globe-spanning coffee roaster Blue Bottle, shares six tips on how to brew coffee just about anywhere.

#1. Pick Your Beans

This step is really all about personal taste, of course. Freeman suggests Blue Bottle’s Three Africas blend, because it’s the company’s most forgiving blend to brew under difficult circumstances—like your backcountry campsite.

#2. Dial in the Proportions

Don’t think you can just dump some grounds into the pour-over cone and call it a day. Aim for a ratio of ten parts water to one part grounds and you can’t go wrong. That said, when in doubt, add more grounds. “Coffee is like butter,” Freeman says. “More is almost always better than less.”

#3. Grind Your Own

Skip the preground beans. Thanks to small, portable hand grinders, you can have freshly ground coffee pretty much anywhere, no electricity required. For a pour-over, stop grinding when the grounds reach the consistency of coarse sea salt.