How To Brew Great Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

In honour of National Coffee Day, January 18, we learned how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

There are two ways to make coffee without a traditional coffee maker. The method you’ll want to use will depend on whether you have a filter. With a filter, you can create a makeshift pour-over. If you don’t have a filter, an immersive brew, similar to a French press, will work best.

Method 1: Creating a Makeshift Pour-Over

To create a makeshift pour-over, place your filter on top of the coffee cup. It doesn’t matter whether you have a thick or thin filter, but it does need to be clean. Paper filters are cheap, easy to find and carry. If you don’t have one, use a clean cloth and tie it to a sieve. Once the filter is in place:

  1. Rinse the filter with hot water and toss the rinsing water
  2. Measure a tablespoon of coffee for each cup of coffee you want to make
  3. Grind your coffee on a medium, sand-like grind
  4. Wet the grounds with a little water and wait for at least 30 seconds (longer if your beans are very fresh)
  5. Pour half of the remaining water over a 30-second duration
  6. Pour the rest of the water in three or four smaller increments

There you have it – your own cup of great coffee to get you going for the day! If you think it tastes too bitter, add more coffee. If it’s too sour, reduce the amount of coffee you use.

Method 2: Mimicking a French Press

Without a filter, you’ll have to use an immersive technique, which is the same way French presses work. Simply:

  1. Measure a tablespoon of coffee for each cup of coffee you want to make
  2. Grind your coffee on a coarse setting, so it resembles sea salt
  3. Wet the coffee and wait for 30 seconds if you’re using fresh coffee
  4. Pour the rest of your water
  5. Let the coffee stand for 4 minutes.
  6. Pour it slowly into the cup you will drink from and stop before the grounds start to get into your cup. This way, you’ll get an evenly brewed cup without too much stuck at the bottom.

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