How to Casually Drink Like a Boss

Let’s face it: Casual drinking is the equivalent to a cheeseburger without cheese — there is no point in partaking in such an activity if you’re not going to throw caution to the wind and give it your all.  As Michael Jordan once said, “I’m not out here sweating for three hours a day just to see what sweat feels like.” You’re not just trying to find out what a beer tastes like, you’re living your glory days* and making memories no one remembers but everyone will talk about 10 years down the road. The person who casually drink is the same person who goes to KFC and orders the Double Down with grilled chicken and washes it down with a Diet Coke because they are trying to “watch their figure.” This is also the guy championing Subway as a “health food.”

When Bros make the decision to drink, bros aren’t going out for a beer. In other words “thanks, but I’ll just go home, get ready for bed, brush my teeth and maybe swallow a little mouth wash which will cause the same effect as having ‘a beer.’”  Just like every other aspect of Bro-life, we’re going to go hard in the paint once we commit to something. Give it our all or leave it on the court.

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