How to Celebrate World Mimosa Day

16 May marks World Mimosa Day. This sunshine-yellow cocktail is a popular one at celebrations and summer events and its simple, classic combination of ingredients is a please-all option if you’re planning a get-together with family or friends.

Why does this little cocktail get a day of its own? The answer is that there is a charming story behind the summery drink.

Where does the drink get its name?

The Mimosa drink is named after the beautiful yellow flower acacia dealbata, which is native to South East Australia but has been widely introduced into the Mediterranean where it thrives in warm temperatures.

What is the history of the drink?

Like most classic cocktails, the story behind it varies. But it’s said to have been invented around 1925 by the head barman of the Ritz hotel in Paris.

So what is the story that’s attached?

There’s said to be a tradition of serving it as an aperitif before Sunday lunch in Italy. This started after the Second World War when men would give their mothers and wives Mimosa flowers as a “thank you” for their wartime support.

When is usually enjoyed?

It’s an anytime crowd-pleaser and it’s especially popular at celebrations such as morning weddings. US-based website A History of Drinking also reveals it often plays a part in an American brunch as well making an appearance on first-class menus of airlines and rail companies.

If ever there’s a reason to drink a Mimosa it’s on this day!!