How To Choose The Best Dessert Wine

“Cooking may be a creative art, but it’s also a wonderful full-time hobby.” — Julia Child

There is no place like home, and when a home is filled with the enchanting smell of cinnamon and freshly baked apple tart, then you got the definition of a perfectly happy life.

For many people cooking is a favourite hobby and passion. It is an endless source of art and inspiration where you can express your imagination and create a delicious masterpiece that will bring joy to the whole family.

For cooking enthusiasts who are also passionate about wine, this dessert-wine combination is a match made in heaven.

What is a Dessert Wine?

Typically, a dessert wine is any wine that pairs well with a certain dessert. The perfect dessert wine should enrich the taste of your dessert and vice versa, and is usually enjoyed during or after the sweet indulgence. Generally speaking, dessert wines are sweet with emphasized flavour and a higher alcohol percentage.

There are some unwritten rules about choosing the best wine for your dessert. The first and foremost is to choose a wine with similar notes and flavours as the dessert. For instance, if you choose a dessert with seasonal fruits such as apricots, apples or pears, you should opt for a white wine with similar fruity notes, while if you are into rich and chocolatey tastes, you should go with a dark red wine with notes of vanilla, cacao or coffee flavours. By complementing the taste and flavours of the wine and dessert you will make an unforgettable sensory experience.

The wine colour is another thing you should have in mind when purchasing your dessert match. For example, light and fruity desserts are usually paired with white or sparkling wines, whereas dark chocolate desserts usually require rich red wines. When it comes to wine selection, you don`t have to stick exclusively to dessert wines, you can also go with blends like Riesling, Moscato, Pinot Noir, sparkling wines or rich red blends .

For those who avoid consuming too much sugar in their food or drinks, you can skip the dessert wine labels and find a luscious wine alternative that will enhance the taste of your dessert and create a mind-blowing match. All you need to do is follow the taste similarity and colour tips, and you are on the right way.

Riesling with Your Favorite Apple Tart

Light, refreshing and crispy Riesling makes an excellent pairing with light summer desserts. The bursting acidity, perfectly blended with rich fruit flavours will make a yummy match with the extra crisp French apple tart, lemon meringue pie or a triple berry pie. Riesling is known as the ice wine or “Late Harvest” Riesling, and it is the top choice dessert wine in Austria and Germany due to the distinctive apricot, peach and apple taste profiles.

Orange Muscat with Panna Cotta or No-Bake Cheesecake

Moscato`s vibrant freshness and intense sweetness, with bursting aromas of marmalade, ginger and mango make a delectable match with creamy Panna Cotta or fruity cheesecake. The amazing taste of soft milky cheese craftily combined with juicy fruits is a mouth-watering dessert that no one can resist. The bursting peaches and orange blossom flavours in Moscato will be the icing on the cake!

Soft Red Blend with Indulgent Chocolate Cake

A vibrant red fruit aroma, followed by mouthwatering dark plums and raspberries entwined with sweet caramel and vanilla is poured into a single bottle of the Californian Backbone red. The flavorful complexity of this wine makes a unique pairing with a chocolate mousse, Skillet Mocha Brownie, Chocolate French Crullers, Oreo truffles or Choco-berry ice cream. The list of decadent chocolate desserts doesn’t seem to have an end, all of them being finger-licking tasty and full-flavoured. There is no such person who can say no to freshly baked, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake paired with a superb glass of good wine.

Brunello di Montalcino with Super-Creamy Tiramisu

Italian dessert paired with Italian wine sounds great, but it tastes even better. Milky and creamy desserts make a delightful pairing with the brightly acidic medium-bodied red, with a touch of wild berries, dried violets and silky smooth tannins. The creamy black coffee taste of Tiramisu and the hit of tobacco leaf in the wine make an exquisite wine-dessert match.

Californian Chardonnay with Strawberry Crepes

A silky crepe with fluffy whipped cream or cream cheese and ripe strawberries on the top is a rich and yummy dessert choice, ideal for many occasions. This traditional French dessert makes a classy pairing with a rich and creamy texture and roasted nutty notes of Californian Chardonnay. The fruit-rich aroma of white peach, lemon zest and apricot is balanced with soft tannins and a lingering finish. Each of these five combinations is carefully chosen and offers an unforgettable full-flavoured and delicious experience.

Bon Appétit!