How to Choose the Perfect Bottle of Fizz for New Years

It’s almost time to guzzle some sort of fizz at the stroke of Midnight! Question is, what will it be?

Choosing the perfect sparkling wine for your toast shouldn’t be intimidating. The most important question to ask yourself before heading to the store is “how much do you want to spend?”

Secondly, the last thing you want to do is to run dry before the clock strikes 12. If you don’t want to dig into your savings for a couple of bottles of Champagne, rather opt for a Methode Cap Classique with a cheaper price tag. There are tons of sparkling wines out there that will do the job just fine.

Picking an Expensive Bottle

Does an expensive bottle Champagne really taste that much better than the cheaper ones? Well, no. If you are going to choose a super-premium bottle of Champagne you’re doing so to impress people, or maybe because you want to try something that very few people get to experience in a lifetime. The key here is to shop for the story behind the bottle and not the flavour. Pick a vintage bottle from a year that means something to you or try a premium label from a Champagne House that you enjoyed before.

At Woolworths you will find all the top Champagne House brands in various vintages. From Veuve Clicquot to Moët & Chandon. You name it, they’ve got it!

Here’s a run-down of the top bubbly deals at Woolworths:

If you do want to buy the real deal at a bargain price, you can score a bottle of Champagne from as little as R330 at Woolworths.

This Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial French Champagné is a feisty and sophisticated Champagne and offers a whole bunch of intense and vivacious flavours. If Christmas presents really broke the bank this year, then you can still fake it with this little number from France.

Screenshot 2016 12 27 at 10.00.24 e1482827737461 How to Choose the Perfect Bottle of Fizz for New YearsPrice: R579.95
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In addition to a host of International Champagnes and local sparkling wine options, Woolworths has an excellent and wide range of Méthode Cap Classique wines on offer, some of them produced exclusively for Woolworths by Villiera Wines.

Our favourite Villiera Methode Cap Classique wines include:

Villiera MCC Brut 1.5L @ R189.95

Villiera MCC Brut Natural 750ml @ R134.95

Villiera MCC Vintage Reserve Brut 750ml @ R159.95

Screenshot 2016 12 27 at 10.37.11 e1482827875254 How to Choose the Perfect Bottle of Fizz for New Years

Other Methode Cap Classique favourites include:

Graham Beck Brut Blanc De Blancs 750ml @ R195.95

De Wetshof Cuvée Brut 750ml @ R169.95

Colmant Brut Chardonnay 750ml @ R224.95

Le Lude Rosé 750ml @ R199.95

No matter what your bubbly preference is for New Year’s Eve, as long as you share it with those you love.

All prices are subject to change.