How to choose the perfect vodka for any occasion

A good of vodka shot is a perfect way to celebrate any occasion and it’s therefor important to pick the perfect vodka for the celebration.

If you wish to taste the true essence and soul of a vodka, you should have it with the food from its home country. Then it will make sense, and you’ll discover that not every bottling is the same. These differences normally come out when you sip the spirit cold and neat. A near-frozen temperature is particularly important when you’re serving the alcohol with raw seafood, caviar, smoked fish, lobster and pickled vegetables. If it cuts through all that and cleanses your palate, then the vodka is good, very good, according to Dushan Zaric  from

Each vodka will behave uniquely, since they’re made from all kinds of things. Winter wheat gives you a crisp, fresh palate presence, while potato provides a more creamy and lush mouthfeel. Rye, on the other hand, will be a touch sour, with a recognizable “needle” on the side of the tongue.

To help you choose the perfect vodka for any occasion, here’s a short guide when choosing the perfect vodka:


Go with corn- or rye-based vodkas like Belvedere.


I like to make Vodka Martinis with spirits produced from winter wheat like Stolichnaya Gold or those that are produced from a blend of grains like the rye-, wheat- and barley-based U’luvka.


Some favourites include Charbay, Hangar One and Zubrowka.