How to drink and not add calories

With a little handy information you can enjoy a drink or two and still manage to keep diet your on track.

Never thought it was possible to drink and watch your weight at the same time? It’s time to get smart about it. No one can really ignore the empty calories additional sugar alcohol and its mixers bring into your body, but there are a few tricks to enjoying an occasional drink and keeping the love handles at bay. Here are a few dietfriendly drinking tips that can come in handy, especially as the festive and barbecue seasons comes calling.

Choose wisely

There are a few diet-friendly alcohols that pack in fewer empty calories and weight clinchers than others. If you are watching your weight and counting calories, you don’t have to sit sipping juices at parties. Don’t forget portion control in addition to selecting the right drink. A few good choices (less than 100 calories) are – a shot (25ml) of gin with diet tonic, a shot of white rum with a soda, a small glass of wine or champagne, or a single measure of whisky or brandy. Opt for light beer. Keep away from cream liqueurs or sangrias since they ride heavy on the calorie count.

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