How To Drink Beer Without Getting A Beer Belly

We know beer isn’t exactly calorie-free — hello, phrases like “beer belly” and “beer gut” — but is it unrealistic to think we can stay healthy while drinking a beverage that’s used to describe a gut?

First, let’s get one thing straight. “Beer belly” is a misnomer, according to registered dietitian, food scientist and Master Brewers Association of the Americas beer steward Joy Dubost.

“The notion of the beer belly is not scientific. Beer doesn’t contribute any more caloric input than any other food or beverage item,” she said.

If you’re drinking beer in moderation along with eating a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle, a few cold ones aren’t going to give you a gut. And if you’re drinking beer and not eating so great, the brews aren’t solely to blame for weight gain.

The second thing to note is a concept that applies to any food or drink: balance. You don’t have to decide between your beers and your body goals. That’s why there’s a whole movement that combines beer drinking and fitness, which we’ll talk about later. But first, let’s talk about making informed decisions.

You need to understand how many calories are in beer

Two or three beers can go down easily in a sitting, and you can just as easily forget that one craft brew can pack as many calories as a small meal. Exactly how many? That’s often unclear.

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