How to drink tequila like a Mexican

First made in Mexico in the 16th century, tequila is a liquor with a long and rich history.

Though the process of its creation has seen some changes over the years, there remains a proper way to choose and drink high-quality tequila.

In honor of Mexican Independence Day, we’ve come up with some tips on the right way to drink tequila.

We spoke with Sergio Pelayo, a tequila expert who works at Mexico’s Vinata Los Osuna agave distillery, which is located outside of Mazatlan, Mexico, and makes Los Osuna tequilas.

Pelayo gave us suggestions on how to choose, pour, and drink tequila like a Mexican.

Instead of drinking tequila from a shot glass, Pelayo says that you should opt for a big cognac glass. Shot glasses were made for quick drinking while cognac glasses will give you the opportunity to smell and savor the liquor.