How to Enjoy Alcohol Without Sacrificing Your Health

Alcohol is bad for us. Well, drinking too much alcohol is bad for us. In small amounts, drinking some alcohol won’t do us that much harm. There are even studies that show drinking a moderate amount of alcohol on a weekly basis is better for us than not drinking anything at all.

But just how much is moderate? And how do we enjoy alcohol without sacrificing our health—both mentally and physically? Is it really possible?

And does it mean that if you make a mistake on a night out that the whole plan is ruined? Some people fear that they’ve ruined their health because they didn’t stick to a plan that they had. Don’t worry, we will cover all of that and more throughout this article to help you enjoy alcohol without sacrificing your health.

Here’s a guide to enjoying that drink every now and then. Here’s how you can look after your mental and physical health, while not feeling like you’re missing out socially.

How Much Is Too Much Alcohol?

Happy friends drinking shots by the dj booth at the nightclub

Let’s start by looking at levels of drinking. Just how much is too much for us?

Look at your current intake. How much would you say you currently have? Now be honest with yourself. Most of us will underestimate the amount that we have. We forget that a unit of spirits is one unit, but we never have that one unit if we’re pouring our own. That one small glass of wine is a unit, but we always end up drinking a medium or large glass instead.

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