How to get a Bartender’s attention

We all know how frustrating it can be to get the bartender’s attention on a busy night at a packed bar. You’ve been out do dinner and are having a great night so far. Now all you want to do is get the party going. You’ve all relocated to a bar, and your mission is to wade through the sea of humanity and get everyone served before the social buzz fades and the first of you (usually the guy with a girlfriend at home) peels off with some excuse about having planned an early workout the next morning. Time is of the essence here. You’re trying to avoid the dreaded buzzkill. But in a crowded bar, the variable at play is your ability to get the bartender’s attention.

Bartenders are humans, not droids, so there are some ground rules you need to follow, otherwise you risk being well and truly ignored for 20 minutes. And by the time 20 minutes has elapsed and no one in your group has their drink in hand yet — well, nice try, but your party just ended.

Don’t take up unnecessary space

If you do secure a spot at the bar, make sure that you are ordering with some regularity. Bartenders look at bar space as real estate. If you’re nursing a drink and taking up room on a busy night, it’s not lucrative for the bartender and makes it hard for those who want to order.

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