How to keep wine, for a day or a decade

For our tenth wedding anniversary, I wanted to get my husband, Bryan, a sweet gift to show how much I’m looking forward to the next 10. Also, we love wine.

So, I splurged on a bottle of Bordeaux from Château Margaux, which is in a part of France we’ve visited. To help it age nicely (so we can enjoy it together on our 20th), I turned to an expert to find out how best to store wine…

First, I needed some help picking out the bottle, so I put my trust, and $100-ish price limit, in my local wine store, whose clerks know (all too well) our preferences and buying habits. If you’re thinking of a long-term wine purchase too, try to get some advice from a seller who knows which wines from which vineyards will become more fine with age and which won’t.

My gift was a big success. Bryan loved it, uttering a dude-like, “This is AWESOME,” and immediately grabbing his Wine Bible to nerdily read up on it. We tucked it away on its side in one of our tiny kitchen’s cabinets, where we hope it will keep well and we aren’t tempted to grab it on a random Wednesday night. And where we seriously hope our toddler can’t get to it.