How To Make A Black Negroni

The Negroni, a classic Italian gin cocktail which was invented circa 1919 in Florence, Italy. According to Imbibe Magazine it was created at Caffe Rivoirewhich is still open and serving to this day. Gin Foundry states that it was invented at Caffe Casoni by a man named Count Camillo Negroni whose family opened the Negroni Distillery in 1919. We don’t mind who invented it, we are just thrilled to be able to enjoy this bittersweet sensation.

A very simple cocktail but exactly how we enjoy it – bitter with a slight hint of sweetness unmasked by any syrups. This 3 ingredient cocktail is a go-to cocktail after work on a Friday to get you relaxed and ready for the weekend. 

Why does Phantom Gin work in it? Well, the colour of our gin works very well with this cocktail as pictured. Our gin has a good citrus undertone and hints of wild mint which dance well together in this cocktail.


20ml Phantom Gin
20ml Campari / Aperol (whichever you prefer)
20ml Sweet Vermouth
Orange wedge
Orange Peel

In a tumbler add ice first, then the liquid ingredients. Using a spoon gently stir the cocktail. Squeeze the orange juice from the wedge into the cocktail. Stir and strain the cocktail into a new glass with fresh ice. Add orange peel or the wedge for garnish. Cheers.