How to make a Rum and Raisin Float with Savanna Cider

Ice cream floats inspire sweet feelings of nostalgia and when they’re spiked with booze, they make us downright giddy!

Savanna, the popular South African cider, has recently introduced Savanna Blackbeard to the market and it tastes exactly like rum and raisin ice cream. The cider is infused with the sweet flavours of rum but also surprises the palate with hints of raisins, spices and fermented honey.

To take things up a few notches this summer, we suggest you grab a tub of vanilla ice cream on your next trip to the shop and spike it with some Savanna cider.

We promise that this is the glass of creamy, rum and raisin heaven your mother warned you about!

Makes 2 floats


  • 1 bottle Savanna Blackbeard Cider
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • raisins for garnish


Fill a glass halfway with vanilla ice cream and top it up with Savanna Blackbeard cider. Garnish the top with a couple of raisins.