Bake dope cookies and brownies with your vaping leftovers

Do you throw away the leftover material after a couple of vaping sessions? That is a mistake. It can be used to cook delicious edibles. You don’t need to be as talented and in total shape as Gordon Ramsay to make something tasty and mood-boosting. Just follow simple instructions.

Vaped Dry Herb Residue is not a Trash

The name ABV is an abbreviation for Already Been Vaped. It is the marijuana left in your herbal vaporizer after using it. Usually, it is dark brown in colour and has a more subtle aroma compared to fresh bud.

No one re-vapes or smokes ABV as will taste terribly then. Savvy users know that it can get them high one more time if it is cooked. The vaporizing process has already decarboxylated the marijuana, but it still has active ingredients in its composition. Besides, decarboxylation allows eating AVB without the need to cook it into butter or oil first, or without any reheating or re-purposing. However, it is better to cook it in order to give it a nice taste.

Basic Tips to Keep in Mind

To start wise, get an airtight glass jar and place it near your marijuana vaporizer. It will be your “ashtray” for storing the used herb.

Pay attention to grinding the herb. If you do it efficiently, you get a better session and receive more usable residue afterwards.

As mentioned on VapingDaily, cannabis vaporizer doesn’t burn the cannabis the way smoking does. It heats it at a high temperature, leaving 20-30% of THC on the buds.

When you are vaping, make sure the temperature is not too high. Otherwise, you will be left without cannabinoids. If your leftover cannabis is turning black, the temperature is higher.  

The perfect vaping temperature is between 350 – 375°F. Charred herb with no THC will be neither effective nor tasty.

Preparing AVB for Cooking

It is recommended to infuse the scraps in oil or butter or oil before adding it into your brownie mix. The taste will be better.

Canna-Oil. It’s possible to infuse already-vaped weed into any kind of cooking oil, including olive, canola, corn, and coconut.

Canna-butter. The best base for the mixture is an unsalted butter with a minimum of 7g of saturated fat.

What to do:

  1. Take a half-ounce of your ABV (you can take as much as you want according to the desired strength of the final product).
  2. Make a sort of a tea bag out of cheesecloth to hold your ABV weed (this is the cleanest way to filter the oil from the bud).
  3. Place your ABV teabag into a saucepan.   
  4. Add a 1/2 cup of oil/butter.
  5. Cook the oil/butter and the ABV weed on low heat, stirring it, until the mix begins to simmer.
  6. Let it simmer for at least half an hour, stir frequently. Some enthusiasts do it for two hours.
  7. Remove from the stove. Squeeze your ABV teabag into a container and discard it. Using cheesecloth, pour the mixture out of the pan. The AVB oil/butter should be darker than the original cooking oil/butter.
  8. Cover with a lid. Store in a refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

How to Use Infusions

Canna-butter or canna-oil is ideal for making ABV edibles. Here’re a few simple recipes for beginners.

The Weed Firecracker

IMG 1459 small Bake dope cookies and brownies with your vaping leftovers

This might be the easiest edible to slap together if you have a bit of canna-butter to spare.

Strawberry ABV Cupcakes

 Bake dope cookies and brownies with your vaping leftovers

Make the most of your AVB and bake these strawberry cupcakes and get baked again.

Oreo Weed Brownies

Fudgy Oreo Brownies Bake dope cookies and brownies with your vaping leftovers

These Oreo Brownies are super fudgy, loaded with Oreo cookies and simple to make! They’re everything a space-brownie should be!

Be Careful Using Edibles!

So, you’ve already grabbed your dry herb vaporizer to start a vaping session and get some ABV. Don’t be in a rush, read the final advice.

If it is your first time cooking cannabis edibles, or you are unfamiliar with the particular edible, eat with caution. Some beginners overdo it and end up with an awful experience.

It can be hard to predict the amount of THC in our leftovers. So, start with a very low dose. You will need some time to discover your individual dose of edibles.  

Smoking weed provides a near instant high. Things are different when you ingest it. The sensation is not the same that smoking delivers. Besides, you may start feeling the effect hours after your snack.  

About the Author

Thanush Poulsen is a Danish blogger who stands for a healthy lifestyle. Having obtained a Bachelor Degree at Danish School of Media and Journalism and a Master Degree at Aarhus Universitet, he is focused on promotion and popularization of a healthy lifestyle and its positive effects on various fields of a person’s life. Currently, Thanush investigates the medical qualities of marijuana.