How to make fancy ice and instantly up your drinks game

The worst thing that could ever happen at a gathering during the hot days of summer is to run out of ice. And the best thing that could happen is to sip your beverage with the fanciest ice your cocktail, lemonade or even water has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Fancy ice is the trick to making this summer endlessly refreshing, and the best part is that it’s ridiculously easy to make.

If you can fill up an ice cube tray with water, and you know how to handle a kitchen knife, you can make fancy ice faster than you can say cheers. Think ice with fresh fruit for an eye-catching drink garnish, ice cubes with mint and cucumbers to punch up the classic mojito, or ice cubes with fresh thyme to give lemonade an unexpected but welcome earthiness. Watch Cooking Light’s video above to see how it’s done — and get fancy.

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