How to make the finest scrambled eggs you have ever tasted

The perfect scramble is a thing of beauty: soft and hot, golden-hued, composed of extraordinarily creamy curds so rich and well-seasoned they verge on cheesy.

Here are some tips and gear you will need for the perfect scrambled eggs:

  1. Crack your eggs against a flat surface (like the countertop!) and you’ll find there are fewer shell shards when you break them open.
  2. Add an extra yolk for every two whole eggs to dramatically improve colour, flavour and texture of the final scramble.
  3. Use a heatproof rubber spatula (plain old whisk). It keeps the edges of the pan clean and the eggs at the bottom moving constantly, which is essential for an evenly cooked scramble.
  4. DO NOT OVERCOOK! Squeaky, dry eggs swimming in water are a tragedy. They also mean you’ve overcooked your scramble! Take it slow, focus and pull the pan off the heat sooner rather than later.

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