How to Open, Pour, Drink, and Store Your Sparkling Wine

Stand it up 
It’s best to keep most wines in a cool, dark place on their sides to prevent corks from drying out. But sparkling wine should be left upright, because carbonation produces enough humidity to keep corks damp. A study commissioned by the French government found spoilage can occur in fizzy bottles kept on their sides, as their flared corks shrink from too much moisture and allow in oxygen.

Cool it down
A chill keeps bubbles small. Too warm, sparkling wine gets frothy. Too cold, aromas and flavors disappear. Two hours in the fridge is ideal.

Hiss, don’t pop
The sommelier-approved way to serve sparkling wine is to secure the cork with one hand and slowly twist the bottle with your other hand, applying downward pressure as the cork rises. You should hear a little hiss, not a loud pop, as gas exits.