How to pair wine with curry

The experts will say that one should stock to beer when it comes to picking a drink to enjoy with curry. This is not necessarily true. It is possible to pair a wide range of wines with Indian food. Taste is always personal, of course, but here are some more successful wine varieties to try with curry:

Gewürztraminer: Has spices of its own and is sweet enough to temper some of the chilli.

Semillon: A bit simpler, won’t compete with the food. Although any subtleties will be masked by the curries.

Viognier: Low in acidity. Has the body to stand up to strong flavours but works better with a mildly-spiced curry, like a korma.

Zinfandel: Juicy and packed with fruit, with a little bit of spice of its own. A powerful wine is particularly useful with a vinegary curry, such as a vindaloo.

Merlot: They’re soft and fruity without too many tannins which would interfere with the chillies and spices in an Indian meal.

rosé would also be a hit for the same reasons – the tannins are light enough but they give a fruity mouthful with low acidity.

The ultimate curry wine, for me, has to be a sparkling shiraz. Solms-Delta in Franschhoek’s Cape Jazz Shiraz will be a perfect choice.

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