How to Preserve an Open Bottle of Wine

One of the reasons we like screw caps for wine bottles is because they make it easier to store half finished bottle of wine. Corkamorimcork How to Preserve an Open Bottle of Wine
by Amorim Cork
s, however, are still a preferred choice of closures for bottles putting us in dilemma as to how to preserve the unfinished bottle.

Ideally, we would always suggest that you finish a bottle of wine rather than keeping it for another day, but it is not always possible. The aim of keeping wines closed at all times is to avoid unnecessary oxidation which reduces the longevity of a wine. Despite that an open bottle of wine will not last more than 2-3 days maximum, irrespective of closure.

When you uncork a bottle of wine do not discard the cork. Once you’ve poured yourself a glass replace the cork. It may be difficult but always use the wine end of the cork to close the bottle. The other side will be easier to use and looks clean but it has been exposed to the elements during transit and isn’t as hygienic as you may think it is.


Purchase a few bottle closures especially which allow some vacuum to be created in the bottle. Once you are done with your share of drinking, use these closures to seal the bottle.