How to promote a food blog on Instagram?

Instagram is an ideal platform for becoming famous on the web. And it is not surprising, now there are more 2 billion active users. If you have always dreamed of becoming famous for your culinary masterpieces, fitness recipes for a slim figure or professional skills of preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, then this social network is perfect for you.

In this article, we will look at several working methods of promotion that you can combine if you will. These include the ability to buy Instagram followers, buying ads from bloggers, mutual likes, and so on.

The first thing to take care of is to come up with a clear and memorable name for your blog so that people can immediately understand its subject matter. This is the first thing  your subscribers will see. Title should be catchy and easy to read. You can use your name and a funny pun. Don’t go overboard with it — your blog should be easy to search.

Filling in the profile header. Write a few distinct phrases to form the impression of subscribers about yourself. It will also be important to add the possibility of communication with you. You can specify a link to the website, YouTube channel or suggest contacting in private messages.

Then proceed to work on the visual design of the page. We advise you to look at several dozen pages of other culinary bloggers and highlight for yourself the moments that you like. Most likely, over time, the style of your blog will change, and this is normal. The visual design strongly depends on the viewing experience, the presence of a good camera and experience. If it is very difficult at first, you can use the services of a professional who will select fonts, a color palette and a general blog style for you.

Tell your friends about your endeavor and ask them to subscribe. So you will have the first couple of dozen subscribers. After that, you can try some free promotion methods — such as mutual likes, subscriptions and comments, but they require a huge amount of time. If this can work at the very beginning of your blog’s development, then over time you simply won’t have time to do it.

Therefore, you can use the secret of many popular bloggers and use a chance to buy real Instagram followers. Such users are ready to cooperate with companies for a small fee. For this, they leave likes, write comments, watch stories and so on. This is a very good option to promote food blog, since the more activity on the page, the more Instagram offers your publications.

Buying advertising from bloggers. Choose a blogger in a related sphere, about the same number of subscribers and ask them to tell you about themselves. However, expectations may not be met, so carefully choose the person you are asking for advertising.

Create reels. It’s a great way to become famous. The more users like your video, the more often Instagram will offer it as recommended, and views will grow almost exponentially. Of course, it can take a long time, so it’s better to upload reels every day. But the result is definitely worth it!


We have reviewed the most effective methods of promoting a culinary blog on Instagram. Your blog is getting bigger and bigger, and new ideas are popping up in your head. Congratulations! Now you are a food blogger. Think about who will eat all the food you have prepared.