How to raid the minibar at Laborie

It’s been four decades since minibars made their big splash at the Hong Kong Hilton in 1974. Legend has it that when the hotel added fridges stocked with miniature bottles of liquor to all 840 of its rooms, they boosted room service drink sales by 500 percent and added five percent to the company’s overall bottom line. When that story got around, other hotels couldn’t install their own minibars quickly enough.

Many accommodation establishments downplay the minibar in rooms, but there are others upgrading the quality and the imagination applied to stocking them.

Raiding a minibar has always been a dream of mine and the jam-packed minibar at Laborie really tempts you to overindulge.

Laborie, who forms part of KWV, has swapped out mass-produced brands with their own locally-made liquor products. Apart from its well stocked and mainly booze-focused minibar, this 4 star guest house deserves another star for the quality of the glassware available in the rooms!

laborie minibar e1425714259668 How to raid the minibar at Laborie

Nothing says ”pimping it out” quite like popping a bottle of bubbly in the comfort of your own luxury suite. Throw some crystal glasses into the mix and get ready to raid the minibar like a real rock star!

Start with….

The bottle of Laborie Rose Brut that’s been sitting on ice, waiting for you to arrive.

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Once that’s done you can either head over to Harvest, the estate’s fine dining establishment for an exquisite Asian inspired dinner or stroll across the lawn for a more laid-back setting. Here you can enjoy more breathtaking views, a great selection of Laborie wines, local craft beers and farm fresh platters. On Fridays guests can enjoy a glass of wine and 3 tapas for only R90 at Taste.

tapas laborie e1425714793539 How to raid the minibar at Laborie

Or you can….

Stay in the room and raid the minibar!

Crack open one of the miniature 10 year old KWV Brandy bottles and pour it into the petite cognac glass. Take one of the KWV Wild Africa Cream Liqueur and pour the cream slowly over the back of a teaspoon into the brandy.

kwv cocktail e1425714354132 How to raid the minibar at Laborie

Fruit-based spritzer lovers can enjoy jimmijagga, named after screen legend James Dean and rocker Mick Jagger. The minibar also keeps full bottles of Laborie MCCs and Laborie wines.

One thing is for sure, there’s no shortage in supply and if you are not careful, you might not know where you are when you wake up in the morning. Luckily the minibar has plenty of bottled water and some coca-cola to boost your sugar levels.

Do you want to raid the minibar at Laborie?  Book your stay at this prestiges winelands establishment today!

The Laborie Wine Farm offers luxury accommodation of eight guest rooms, with another special room in the historic Manor House. Views are of the beautiful Manor House gardens, vineyards and the majestic Drakenstein Mountains.

All rooms are furnished in a Cape French style and décor is inspired by the characteristics of our award winning wines.