How to remove red wine from your carpet

You’re enjoying a sophisticated evening in with friends and the conversation is flowing – but unfortunately so is the red wine. All over your lovely cream carpet.

We’ve all been there – frantically scrubbing at the stain (which only seems to spread further), already deciding which colour of rug to buy to cover it.

But fear the red wine spillage no more – because this incredible life hack has the answer.

Next time someone gets a little over-animated and accidentally throws their glass of vino all over your carpet, just follow these simple steps.

Grab a bottle of the nearest high proof clear spirit – vodka, gin or rum will work.

Pour it over the stain, then soak up the liquid by dabbing with a damp cloth.

Repeat this a few times until the stain disappears, then finish off by dabbing with a bit of water – simple!

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