How to run up a $105,000 bar tap

A jug of wine, a $105,000 bar tab, and thou. That could have been the bar manager’s sweet ode to a mystery customer who paid the mammoth single-visit bar tab without blinking an eye.

So what did he buy? Well here goes: a $35,000 six-liter bottle of Cristal Champagne, 13 bottles of Roederer Cristal for $23,000, 24 Diet Cokes, 10 Red Bulls, a $32 slice of birthday cake and a $1,300 bottle of Cavalli vodka.

The bill was was racked up at the Tony Cavalli Club at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai the begining of January 2012. Dated 3:19 am on Monday, in the dirham currency of the United Arab Emirates, equivalent to the price of two Porsche Cayennes.

Spending of this nature is not unusual at the Cavalli Club, according to the manager.┬áNo one’s saying who, or what nationality, the customer was, but it’s seen as a sign that things are perking up in Dubai.