Backsberg Vino Varsity hosts first MBA class

Backsberg is excited to host the first annual GSB Vino Varsity Challenge between two prestigious Graduate Business Schools. In the wake of the success of the inter-university version of the competition, Backsberg thought it would be a great idea to involve MBA students as well. UCT Graduate School of Business and University of Stellenbosch Business School will take part in a competition that will test their wine knowledge, their astute tasting palates and their view on how to increase wine consumption in South Africa.

Vino Varsity started 7 years ago as an inter-varsity wine-tasting competition where university wine societies are given a platform to flaunt their wine knowledge and tasting skills. The competition encourages wine appreciation on campus, develops young, refined wine drinkers and celebrates wine. Backsberg aims to get the wine societies involved, networking and competing on a national level in a fun environment. Teams are encouraged to bring along supporters and the spirit of the day is captured with the crowd donning face paint and costumes, singing war chants and generally intimidating the opponent team. It’s a fun, interactive day and everyone enjoys the nail-biting action.

Teams are required to tackle 30 general knowledge questions covering wine history, winemaking, international wine, and in the GSB instance, wine business. The second round exposes teams to ten flights of wines that they have to taste blind to single out varieties, oak-aging, faults and the likes. Round three opens the floor to the teams and they debate or present their views on a topic set out by Backsberg. We look forward to their proposed business plan on how to increase the national per capita wine consumption from 6â„“ to 9â„“ in the next ten years.

As usual we are pleased to host the special guests of the day, the judges. Edo Heyns, Editor of Wynland Magazine, Rico Basson, Managing Director of VinPro and Jonathan Steyn convener of the Graduate School of Business’ Wine Business Management postgraduate diploma course. We’re looking forward to this inaugural GSB Vino Varsity Challenge. For info check out

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