Breedekloof takes Ownership with Chenin Blanc Initiative

One of the best things to emanate from the Swartland Independents, is that region`s role in inspiring the corralling of wines and people sharing a similar heartbeat. Stellenbosch would not have gotten its Kingdom of Cabernet act together and the Zoo Biscuits would still be eating Marie cookies had they not been energised by the success of the Swartland.

Not that the sought-after individual winemaking streak is being sacrificed. But just as painting had the Impressionists and literature the American Beats, so can wine flourish within the flexible confinement of collective creativity.

A gang I got to know recently was the Breedekloof Chenin Blanc Initiative, nine producers from that vast Chenin valley other side of the Du Toitskloof Tunnel. Okay, the region is big and in some places gi-normous yields are harvested by the drone of efficient machines. Co-ops rule, so does the Breedekloof`s ability to produce stunningly clean, well-made wines at prices that don`t make your wallet wince. But the image of a top wine region was lacking.