Spice things up with Spice Route`s Grenache

Recently I found myself at a very festive birthday celebration at Spice Route in Paarl. This estate has got oodles to offer: artisan chocolates, craft beer, grappa, coffee, a charcuterie, a deli, an art gallery and even glass blowing. Although all these things sounded quite intriguing, I was eager to find out more about the wine (duh).

No shortage of things to do here!

Although Spice Route’s tasting room is in Paarl (right next to Fairview), its wines are all grown in the Swartland. This made me ridiculously excited, because the area is home to some of my favourite reds (like the Sequillo Red, which is sex in a bottle).

So, during our pleasantly boozy lunch at Bertus Basson’s restaurant I helped myself to a glass of Spice Route’s Grenache 2013. I can’t say that I’ve drunk much Grenache on its own. Even though it’s planted in vast quantities in France, Spain and the States, here in SA we’re only starting to explore single Grenache varietal wines.

What sets Grenache apart? Firstly, it’s lighter red in colour than many reds. This nifty guide from WineFolly sums it up:




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