Hugh Jackman wants you to drink better coffee

The coffee you’re drinking may harm people or the planet, and Hugh Jackman wants to change that.
The Australian actor, best known for his role as Wolverine on X-Men, stars in a new documentary exploring the role that socially responsible coffee plays in helping African farmers.

In the film, which opened Friday, Jackman goes to Ethiopia — thought to be where coffee was discovered 3,000 years ago — to see how one farmer’s life has been transformed by selling Fair Trade coffee.

Fair Trade is an auditing organization that makes sure coffee is grown under safe and fair working conditions. In order to be certified, farmers must disclose all their finances, commit to not using harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms, and follow water conservation techniques and use proper water disposal. They are free to associate with any other organization.

About 5% of the coffee sold the the United States is Fair Trade certified, up from about 1.5% 10 years ago, according to the organization.