Hungarian Brewery gives free beer to anyone who adopts a shelter dog

Mad Scientist brewery in Hungary is giving away free crates of personalized beer to anyone who adopts one of seven chosen dogs from the local animal shelter, in order to encourage people to adopt.

Business owner Tamas Szilagyi is a big fan of the animals at the Noe Animal Sanctuary in Budapest.

The sanctuary has housed thousands of injured and abused animals for over 25 years. Since their special campaign with the brewery began, the two organizations have been praised worldwide.

“We wanted to draw people’s attention, that sanctuary dogs are not worse (than other dogs), they are not waste you throw out,” Szilagyi told the Associated Press.

There are only seven dogs at the Noe Animal Sanctuary who need fur-ever homes, so if you live in the area or frequent Budapest often, consider adopting a lovable canine.

Kinga Schneider, a spokeswoman for the sanctuary, said the facility couldn’t be happier with the partnership. And, there’s already been one adoption to celebrate, as last Tuesday, a Rottweiler puppy was adopted by Melinda Varady.