Cool doesn’t do it justice! This is the utmost in chill: a big bucket of an ice making gizmo that helps you get the best from the hot days by keeping all your cold stuff on ice – and there’s plenty of ice to spare too!

This clever device bergs out ice at a lovely rate. Ice Orb is a one-stop vertical icemaker that keeps chugging out frozen chunks for as long as you want. No fancy batteries or machinery necessary – just a brilliant bit of design that you can stick in the freezer pronto.  Ice Orb is a bumpy bucket at first glance. At 14cm wide and 12.5 high, it’s small enough to stick in your freezer. To make ice, you just remove the inner bucket, fill the outer bucket with water, and replace the inner bucket again. It clips in tight, forces water into Ice Orb’s attractive lumps and bumps and starts creating mini-glaciers as soon as it’s in the freezer. When your ice is hard, you pull out the inner bucket and shake the ice into it – and start again. That’s the real whiz here: you can make as much as 21 cubes at a time, and store another 51 inside the bucket while you’re making it!