If you`re drinking tequila, this is how it should be done

Tequila shots are a rite of passage for drinking-age college students. Everyone learns the same step-by-step: Salt your hand, lick it off, down the shot, and then chase it with a lime slice.

Nowadays, post-graduate you swings for craft beers and perfectly aerated wines; maybe it’s time you bumped up your tequila, too. Swapping Jose Cuervo for Patron is the first step, the second is your shot glasses.

The glasses pictured here are made from Himalayan sea salt, and they’ll impart a brinier, more nuanced flavor to your shooters that a sprinkled mess of table salt simply cannot. They are also a novel idea for summer parties. They’re made to withstand many a festive toast; the strong mineral composition will wear any gently with use over time.

You can scoop them up for $21.95 on Amazon.

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