Indulging Responsibly: Five Steps to Responsible Drinking

There’s really nothing all that wrong with indulging in the occasional alcoholic beverage from time to time, although alcohol addiction is a growing problem worldwide among youth and adults. The prevalent issue is also one that branches out, negatively impacting the lives of everyone, from drunk driving fatalities to concerned family members; alcoholism is an issue comparable to a weed infestation in your backyard. 

Whether there are contributing risk factors that increase your chance of addiction, such as a traumatic childhood, environmental factors, or even underlying mental health concerns, you can seek treatment and enter a recovery program at an Alcohol Rehab, Oklahoma City, or a treatment center in your local area. That said, if you have an addiction, it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether. These responsible drinking steps are suitable for those that don’t have addiction concerns and would like to indulge occasionally and responsibly. 

Eat Before You Drink

There are many habits of a responsible drinker, and eating at least half an hour before you start drinking is one of them. The responsibility should start before you take the first sip of your sparkly cocktail, vintage wine, or ice-cold craft beer. It is best to eat before you start drinking as your stomach will have something to absorb the alcohol, ensuring you can handle your drink well. 

Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits is crucial when drinking any alcoholic beverage. Some individuals can handle six beers without feeling the impact all that much. At the same time, another person might only enjoy two beers, and their limit is reached. Everyone’s limit is different and knowing yours will make you a responsible drinker. 

Drink Slow

Downing shots and drinks as though you’re on the verge of dehydration is never a wise decision. Even though college kids and the vast majority of today’s youth take great pride in the ability to drink fast, the faster you drink, the less control you will have. Unfortunately, drinking fast means that you will bypass your limit, and the intoxication will only heighten at a rapid pace.

This makes alcohol poisoning an increased risk. Instead, you should drink slower so that you are blatantly aware of your nearing limit and able to stop drinking before you reach it. 

Never Drive After A Few Drinks

If you’ve had two drinks and you’re feeling confident enough to drive as you haven’t reached your limit, you should still avoid getting behind the wheel. Even though state laws allow for drivers to consume a small amount of alcohol before driving, it’s always wise to avoid driving when under the influence altogether. There are numerous taxi apps out there, such as Uber, that will ensure you arrive home safely after an eventful evening. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Alcohol dehydrates the body substantially, and as a result, people drink more. However, if you drink water in between drinks, you will avoid the dangerous cycle of overconsumption that can lead to alcohol poisoning, or at best, a bad hangover. Drinking water frequently while consuming alcohol will flush your body, keep you hydrated, and keep the hangover at bay.